Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little behind!!!

I'm so far behind on blogging I thought I would do one blog to try and catch up.  Daria is doing so good.  We had a lot of doctor appointments to go to when we got home so it felt like her first month home was spent in the doctor's office.  She has been cleared and is off of all medicines that she was on.  Such a huge blessing to us all.   She has really adjusted well into our family and everyone loves her so much.  Her brothers are totally in love with her and she loves them too.  When we pick them up from school she is so happy!! She breaks into a huge grin and starts squealing with delight. Here are some pictures of when we got home with her and what we have been doing!
Aunt Polly giving Daria her bottle while I get a bath.
Uncle Shawn, Daria and Cross giving her bunny ears LOL!
Uncle Shawn getting some Daira love!

My cousin Anna and Tony Ray holding the princess for the first time.
I just woke up and I have bed head

I'm going gangster!
Daria with her sweet cousin Maggie.
Daria and her brother Mason.


Daddy, Daria and brother Brantley at her church dedication.

Our Family

Daria carving her pumpkin for Halloween
Our sweet little lamb

First trip to the zoo on Brody's field trip

Riding the train at the zoo with mommy and daddy

Happy girl!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures until next time.